Latent Visions (2018)


The work Latent Visions by Siân Hayden uses the medium of photography to explore ‘The Latent Image’ alongside Freud’s ideas on Psychoanalysis.  The content of the series establishes the riddle of resurrection through representations of events that only exist in the artist’s imagination.  The method of long exposures and light painting have been strategically inserted into a chronological grid of dormant scenes to create a balance between nostalgia and the unknown.



The latent image states a photograph either dormant or undeveloped. This notion runs in parallel to the concealed events in dreams only occurring in one’s subconscious mind.


Psychoanalysis and the act of interpreting dreams are primarily theory based strategies towards an understanding of the subconscious mind. Photography that induces these two concepts is often a therapeutic way to question episodes revealed through one’s imagination.


Photographs are fixed things and the human race has always been fascinated with the prospect of resurrection. The power of photography satisfies the longing for a memory to become eternal. Adverse to the act of recording a dream through the medium of photography, the photograph obstructs authentic memories. Thus, when a dream is remembered through an image, it goes on to be forgotten. The most remembered dreams are the concealed visions that have not yet been fixed as a photograph. One may believe that the act of recording something improves memory. In this case it is not effective, resulting in a broken dream and a fixed image.


The fixed photograph is a finale, like the success of an inventors crusade to solve the unsatisfactory.  Once a vision - now a photograph. The subconscious mind of the creator scans for the next potential image, as if one’s imagination personifies the camera’s lens.  The artist’s dormant mind works in adjacent to the active human eye through all creative decisions. The quest is ongoing.

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